Siloxa-Tek® 8510 - 1 Gallon

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The highest-performing and longest lasting, breathable, deep-penetrating, clear-drying, water, salt and oil repellent concrete sealer comprised of 100%* actives.

  • COVERAGE: Up to 300 square feet

  • COATS: 2

  • VOC CONTENT: 100 g/L

  • FINISH: Natural

  • WARRANTY: 100 Year Warranty


Siloxa-Tek 8510 is the deepest penetrating, highest performing and longest lasting concrete sealer in the Siloxa-Tek line. Comprised of 100%* actives it is able to resist water instrusion, deicing salts, chlorides, freeze-thaw cycles and staining from oils and greases. This proprietary {silane/siloxane} concrete sealer contains a proprietary stain repellent additive and dries completely clear with a natural finish that will not change the look or appearance of the susbtrate. It is an excellent choice to seal concrete driveways, garages, shop floors, patios, warehouses, parking lots, highways and bridges.


Exceptional when used for:

  • Applications: Commercial, industrial & retail concrete floors and slabs. Stadiums, plazas, food courts, parking garages, machine shops. Also used for exterior concrete driveways, garages and patios.
  • Substrates: Concrete, concrete blocks/cinderblocks, brick, pavers, exposed aggregate, stucco, stone, slate, sandstone
  • For enhanced performance on horizontal surfaces use a densifying primer, wait 7 days and then apply the Siloxa-Tek 8510.


  • What it is: Penetrating, solvent-carried, water, salt and oil resistant concrete sealer
  • What it's for: Concrete floors, plazas, food courts, parking garages, shop floors. Also used for concrete driveways, garages and patios, brick, stone & masonry
  • What it does: Waterproofs and seals concrete & masonry, resists deicing salts and staining from oils/greases
  • What it is made of: Solvent-carried silanes, siloxanes, proprietary stain repellent additives
  • What's the finish/color: Clear, flat, natural
  • How do you apply it?: Solvent-rated sprayer, roller or brush
  • What's so special about it: This 95% actives formulation resists staining from oils and greases, protects against deicing salts and waterproofs concrete
  • What else is like it?: Siloxa-Tek 8500: Resists deicing salts and water but will not resist staining. Siloxa-Tek 8505: Water-based and cost-effective version of the 8510