Sila-Tek™ 3500 - 1 Gallon Makes 5 Gallons (Concentrated)

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An industrial-grade, water-based, sodium concrete densifier for use as a stand-alone product or as a primer to strengthen and harden concrete.

  • COVERAGE: Up to 1,000 square feet

  • COATS: 2

  • VOC CONTENT:: 0 g/L

  • FINISH: Natural

  • CONCENTRATED: One gallon makes five (5) gallons

  • WARRANTY: 100 Year Warranty


Sila-Tek 3500 is the most advanced concrete densifier available. This clear penetrating sealer not only densifies and hardens concrete making it up to 50% stronger, but it is the go-to choice to harden and prime basements and driveways. It is also an excellent, cost-effective choice for polishing concrete.


Exceptional when used for:

  • Warehouses and industrial facilities
  • Use as a primer prior to application of Siloxa-Tek 8500 or Siloxa-Tek 8505

Not for use on:

  • Bricks, concrete blocks/cinderblocks
  • Polished or extremely smooth concrete surfaces


  • What it is: Penetrating concrete densifier & hardener
  • What it's for: Warehouses, industrial facilities, used as a primer prior to application of a Siloxa-Tek product.
  • What it does: Strengthens and hardens concrete, increases the adhesion of subsequent concrete sealers
  • What it's made of: Water-based sodium silicate blend
  • What's the finish/color: Clear, flat, natural
  • How do you apply it?: Sprayer, roller or brush
  • What's so special about it: This cost-effective formulation densifies and makes concrete up to 50% harder
  • What else is like it?: Lithi-Tek 4500: Also a concentrated densifier but of a sodium silicate base. Lithi-Tek 9500: Also densifies concrete with the added benefit of water repellency