Cryli-Tek® 5505 - 5 Gallon

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An industrial-grade, solvent-based, non-yellowing, methacrylate concrete sealer that enhances, protects, and provides a clear, wet look, high-gloss. Use Matting Agent 5000 to achieve a lower sheen.

  • COVERAGE: 900-1100 square feet

  • COATS: 1

  • VOC CONTENT: 400 g/L

  • FINISH: Wet Look/Gloss


Cryli-Tek 5505 is the industry's highest performing decorative concrete sealer. This unique formula leaves the surface with a high-gloss, wet-look shine with a clear, non-yellowing finish. This product has an extremely fast set time and an unsurpassed stain resistance. The treated surfaces will resist chipping, flaking, delamination and breakdown with UV light exposure. A matting agent is available for use with the Cryli-Tek 5505 to bring the gloss finish down to a satin or low sheen finish.


Exceptional when used for:

  • Substrates: Concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, exposed aggregate, stone
  • Applications: Patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways


  • What it is: Solvent-based, high gloss / wet look decorative concrete & masonry sealer
  • What it's for: Concrete driveways, patios, pool decks, stamped concrete, pavers, aggregate, stone
  • What it does: Protects and beautifies decorative concrete, stone and masonry
  • What it's made of: Solvent-based methacrylate / styrene acrylic polymers
  • What's the finish/color: Clear, high gloss / wet look
  • How do you apply it?: Solvent rated high quality 1/4" - 3/8" nap roller or brush
  • What's so special about it: Long lasting wet look / high gloss decorative sheen, resists chipping, flaking, delamination and breakdown from UV light exposure. Use with Matting Agent 5000 to achieve a lower sheen
  • What else is like it?: Cryli-Tek 5500: is water-based and leaves a low sheen finish