Clean-Up Green Oil Spill Powder - 2 lb Bag

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Quickly cleans up pooling oil spills from any surface. Quickly turns oil into non-hazardous silica for safe disposal. Environmentally safe - permanent non-toxic encapsulation. Absorbs 10x its weight!


Instructions: Less product is required than order absorbent products, powder does not absorb water.

Application: Spread powder over a spill on water or a hard surface until excess white polymer remains on the surface. Apply by hand spreading, blower or other conventional methods.

Removal: The longer the wait time, the greater the absorption and the more solid the polymer will become. The product may be picked up as a rubber-like mat for easy disposal. Excess while powder can be reused. Hyrdocarbons and synthetic oils require more time before removal and will form into a softer cluster. In most cases, removal may begin in as few as 5 minutes. For stained surfaces or where the spill has been absorbed into soil or hard surfaces, apply Clean-Up Green Oil Stain Liquid to complete the clean up process.


Oil Spill Powder: